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EFCSN participates in largest conference on disinformation in Poland, hosted by Demagog Association

By 08/04/2024No Comments2 min read
EFCSN participates in largest conference on disinformation in Poland, hosted by Demagog Association, as institutional partner

We are pleased to announce that we have become an Institutional Partner of the largest conference in Poland on combating disinformation. The conference is titled “TogetherAgainstDisinformation. 10 years of fact-checking in Poland”, taking place on April 12 in Warsaw. It is hosted by the Demagog Association, the first fact-checking organisation in Poland and an EFCSN verified member, which is celebrating its 10th anniversary of activity this year.

During the conference, the 2nd edition of the report “Disinformation through the Eyes of Poles”, exploring the state of disinformation in Poland based on a public opinion survey, will also be released. The report was prepared as part of the coalition of the Demagog Association, the Digital Poland Foundation, and the Public Relations Firms Association “Together Against Disinformation”, which is also celebrating its second anniversary.

At the conference topics to be discussed include:

  • the impact of disinformation and its scale in Poland and worldwide,
  • challenges facing the fact-checking community,
  • artificial intelligence in the context of disinformation,
  • media literacy as a tool to strengthen societal resilience to disinformation.

President of the Demagog Association, Małgorzata Kilian-Grzegorczyk, says, “For 10 years, we have been guided solely by facts. False information has existed for a long time and will continue to appear, but without the efforts of fact-checking organizations like ours, they could cause much more harm. That’s why we continue our mission, relying solely on reliable information.”

Follow the conference online on the Facebook and YouTube channels of the Demagog Association. Learn more about it at: